NeonCityAlpha Prototype v1.2b (Web Build)

Take a ride on the endless highway of NeonCity.

Avoid the red Bits, collect the green Bits to replenish health.

For full experience play fullscreen!

Press B in Pause to enable motion blur.

This game is hard..

Please leave suggestions and bugs in the comment section.

If you liked this game let me know.

Web build does stutter a bit at the start.

You can follow me here and keep track on development:

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Music by Three Chain Links:

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Cyberpunk, Driving, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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The obstacles and pickups look the same, specially for a fast paced game like this, make it shiny in different colors.


Game is good Fun to play, you should defo carry on with this project. What tools have you used to make the game? if you dont mind me asking.

Sorry I didnt answer right away. I have used Blender and Photoshop for the most part.

do you know where to take the project next? I think it has potential . I searched through a good amount of games on itch and this game stood out for me for some reason